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    [] - Bom tấn cực kỳ xinh Heo Yun Mi

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    Post integrity

    The Shima River overpass next week to remove support, December 31st left Demi opening in January 10th next year,cheap supra shoes, right half range of opening
    (Editor: anonymous) Disclaimer: This article only on behalf of the personal views of the author, has nothing to do with the window of Chongqing.The originality and the statement text and content of this website without that, on this and in which all or part of the text image, the authenticity, integrity, timeliness of the station does not make any guarantees or promises, the reader is for reference only, and please to verify relevant content.
    due to the construction of Jiangbei Shima River Interchange, between inner high-speed north and Yang gong-bridge, imposed two lanes of traffic control,hollister deutschland.Yesterday, news came from Shima River Interchange Project Department, next Thursday (December 4th), are to start the demolition construction support in Inner high-speed on December 15th,hollister online shop, can restore the traffic, alleviate traffic pressure.
    &nbsp,air jordan; &nbsp,hollister; according to the introduction, this construction is a project of Shima River Interchange, repair a turquoise via inner high-speed, Jiangbei Farm Bridge, about 800 meters long, 33 meters wide, 6 lanes for two-way.4 directions overpass respectively: Jiangbei Farm Road, Beihuan overpass, turquoise, Shapingba.
    a phase of the project also includes expansion and inner high-speed exit, Shima River toll station, the original "two and two" entrance, will be extended for the "three into three&quot,hollister;; Jiangbei Farm "into a" entrance ", will be extended for two and two".In this way,abercrombie, all the more smooth vehicle.
    construction of Shima River Interchange, occupying the inner high-speed Shima River two lanes, namely the north to Yang gong-bridge, occupied from a lane, respectively from 4 lanes to 3 lanes.Construction support removed, traffic will be able to resume.
    Shima River Interchange is expected in December 31st the left half range of traffic,polo ralph lauren, namely pine road to Jiangbei Farm direction; in January 10th next year the right picture completion, i.e. Jiangbei Farm to Pine Road direction.
    &nbsp,air jordan pas cher; &nbsp,supra shoes; for the convenience of the surrounding residents, after the completion of the current interchange, peripheral road will not be removed, the vehicle can go outside the road, can also take the overpass crossing.
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    small Wei said

    and please to verify relevant content.

    Japan the withdrawal of &quot

    From this point of view, formally to dangdang. a plurality of travel is becoming a fashion. and door-to-door, online shopping security may also be loopholes. ');Document. I am afraid that some people oppose. in addition to the two sides gap larger price factors, is regulatory loopholes. substantially all.

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